More than 60 years have passed since the distant 1957 year of sending the first satellite, and then 1961 year of sending a man into space. Since that moment, not only the technologies for launching a payload into Earth orbit have been improved, but also the methods of financing the development of these technologies. With the advent of SpaceX, private astronautics ceased to be something unrealistic, private capital was able to accumulate sufficient capital to create new technologies. I remember how in 2014 many experts said that landing the first stages and making them reusable would be absolutely not cost-effective…

Without delving into the concepts and origins of venture capital itself, few people in a wide circle of people can say what a venture is and why this venture is needed. In this article, I will try to tell you how a small number of people have concentrated high-yield investments in high technology in their hands. I will say right away that there is no conspiracy theory here, it is just a historical fact and we will try to understand how it happened.

Since the weapons race in the United States and the USSR, all high technologies have been in…

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